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Welcome to the Britney Group of thoughtful and entertaining chatter! Actually this is a whole lot more than Britney. This woman, in keeping with her huge pop star persona has been igniting fire in all sorts of direction. And I just felt like a forum to discuss some of the fall-out.... I do hope you participate in the B.G. ("Britney Group") not just to talk about Britney Spears but also all of the issues brought up in the Media Frenzy: (1) Being a pop star and a mom, (2) Being a young mom, (3) Fame and papparzi swarming you at every turn, (4) Getting diagnosed with something scary and the stigma, (5) Shopping sprees, (6) Girls, sexuality & double standards, (6) BFFs and FFs (that's, Frenemies Forever) who can we trust?, (7) Money & fame, (9)Achieving Well-Being, 10) Do "self-help books" really help our selves?, OF COURSE ( 11, (12, (13...(a lot) that I know you each have to share!! So, let's get it rolling! Cheers! :-), Vster

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